Welcome to the Army!

Welcome to the Army!

You made it here.  Congrats and thank you for being part of something great.

As a new Apprentice you can enjoy 10% off of our website and products at any time, period.  If you haven't signed up on the Ambassador link, please do so now and create your automated payment account.  This account will automatically track any sales you have and pay out monthly to an account of your choice.

We wanted to up the ante here at Iron Age, and due to extremely high interest in our Iron Age Army, we have made our perks for climbing the Iron Age Ranks even better.

We value all of our Affiliates and Ambassadors that put the work in daily at Iron Age Nutrition.  We wanted to show our appreciation with a ranking system for you to show off your status.  As always, our program is evolving and getting better daily.  

If you truly want to become a Hardcore Titan Ambassador with Iron Age, please reach out to us directly so we can discuss with you one on one.


In the meantime, enjoy our ranks below.

Here is what you'll get.

Level 1:  Apprentice level = 10% off store, payout $5/item

**To acheive this level, simply signup on the ambassador link above and create your account.

**We all start somewhere. 

Level 2:  Champion level = 10% off store, 1 free item, payout $5.50/item

**To acheive this level, quickly get 6 sales through your custom links and you advance to Champion.

**We believe everyone is a Champion!

Level 3: Warrior level = 15% off store, 3 free items, free swag, payout $6/item

**To acheive this level, get 50 sales and you will advance to the Warrior level.

**This is a very achievable level, with 15% lifetime discounts, and payouts of $6/item

Level 4: Titan level (Elite) = 20% off store, 10 free items, payout $8/item

**To achieve this level, get 500 sales and you will become, a Titan!

**Brave the road not many can attain.  Unheard of payouts of $8/item, many free giveaways and the chance to be named on our website as on of the Titans of the Iron Age Army!